Where can I download my free book?

Click here.

Can I view the iBook on my Mac?

YES! If your Mac is running Mavericks OS (10.9) or higher.

What about my iPad?

YES! Any iPad will display the Yosemite iBook.

Okay, how about my new iPhone?

YES! The newer iPhones support interactive iBooks.

How is your book different from other books on Yosemite?

First it's full of stories of the people of Yosemite: artists and photographers, climbers, Native Americans, scientists, ski bums, and dozens of others. Many of the stories are written by outstanding authors, such as Rebecca Solnit, Ken Brower, and Susan Landauer, and illustrated by amazing artists such as Albert Bierstadt, Carleton Watkins, Eadward Muybridge, Chiura Obata, and many others. You'll learn about everything from the Buffalo soldiers to the building of The Ahwahnee Hotel to the Golden Era of Climbing. And much more.

Second, the iBook has many unique interactive features. Touch a photo of Yosemite's peaks and learn how each was named. See an animation of how the Valley was formed geologically. Touch an Obata block print to see different print layers he use to make it. Tap an owl or a Bracebridge costume to learn fascinating details.

What does the QED symbol mean?

The book has been certified by Digital Book World (DBW) as meeting the highest standards of Quality, Excellence and Design. 

What is a Digital Book Award?

DBW conducts the largest and most prestigious international competition of digital books. Thousands of titles are submitted and are judged by a distinguished panel of authors, designers, and publishers. Yosemite: A Storied Landscape was selected as one of the winners.

Have more questions?

Feel free to email me: kerry.tremain@gmail.com. I'm the editor and designer of the book. I'm the only one here, so it might take me a day or so to get back to you, but I will. If you are interested, you can see some of my other work at my freelance web site.